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The Department talk about why the new criterion: solving the contradiction to Sohu news October 28, 2016 (Friday) at 3 pm, the Central Propaganda Department held a press conference, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Central Organization Department, the Central Propaganda Department responsible comrades of the Chinese Communist Party in the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, and a reporter asked. Qi Yu, Vice Minister of the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee: very pleased to meet with the media friends. As we all know, yesterday’s closing of the CPC Central Committee in the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, passed the "new situation in the political life of the party a number of guidelines". Below, I focus on the situation in this regard. To carry out the party’s political life seriously, is our party’s fine tradition and political advantage, is our party adhere to the nature and purpose of the party, maintain the advanced nature and purity, to improve the important magic weapon of creativity and cohesiveness and battle effectiveness, is an important way of self purification, self-improvement, self innovation and self-improvement of our party. Our party from the date of establishment, it attaches great importance to the political life of the party, and in the long-term practice, and gradually formed a realistic theory and practice, in close contact with the masses, criticism and self-criticism, democratic centralism, strict party discipline and party political life as the main content of the basic norms. After the third Plenary Session of the 11th CPC Central Committee, our party also conscientiously sum up two aspects of the party’s political life experience especially the painful lessons of the cultural revolution in 1980 formulated the "guiding principles" on the political life of the party, to realize the transfer of the work of the whole party in the heart and bring order out of chaos, to promote the unity and solidarity of the party to ensure the reform and opening up and socialist modernization well, have played a very important role. Why is this plenary meeting to make a new standard? I realize that there are several main reasons: first, the need to improve the four comprehensive strategic layout. To coordinate and promote the "four overall" strategic layout is a new strategy of governing the country by the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core. A monographic study of the party’s eighteen session of third, fourth, fifth plenary session have been comprehensively deepen reform and the rule of law, building a well-off society, the six plenary session of the party’s political life and to develop guidelines and revised supervision regulations within the party for special research focus from the overall strict party discipline, so that "the four overall strategic layout are through a plenary session of the Central Committee of research and deployment, it is an overall design of our party. The two is to deepen the comprehensive strictly. Comprehensive strictly is a distinct theme of the CPC Central Committee on Party construction since eighteen. To strengthen and standardize the political life of the party, is an important starting point to promote the comprehensive strictly. The six plenary session of the Central Committee on the research foundation of comprehensive strictly lively practice since the eighteen large, careful analysis of new situations and new problems facing the construction of the party under the new situation, to strengthen and standardize the political life of the party made new institutional arrangements, the strict management of the party will deepen the comprehensive play a strong role in promoting. The three is to solve the outstanding contradictions and problems within the party. In the long run, the party’s political life is generally good, but a period of time, there have been some outstanding spear!相关的主题文章:

Fuchs, Warner into Korean film market forces of the new secret is what hit5杨帆

Fuchs, Warner into Korean film market forces of the new secret is what Fuchs pictures, Warner Bros. entertainment news (the Tencent LOGO Remy has entered the one hundred million) Korean movie viewing trips era. Now, every year there are more than two at the box office movie has tens of millions of people is commonplace thing. Last year the "Assassination" and "veteran" box office of more than 10 million, this year has also appeared in a "million film" "Busan line", this year is expected to total annual box office will be over 100 million people, South Korea movie box office for five consecutive years will be over 100 million people. South Korea’s four largest film film distribution company CJ entertainment, Lotte entertainment, SHOWBOX and NEW four companies. This year’s first "ten million film" "Busan line" issue company is NEW, and last year’s "ten million film" "Assassination" and "veteran" of the distribution companies were SHOWBOX and CJ entertainment. The four companies with strong capital and planning ability to actively invest in movies, obtained remarkable achievements and benefits, the four status has been consolidated. But from the beginning of this year, Han Guo Zhong Wu Lu emerged in a dramatic third forces. They are twentieth Century Fuchs pictures and Warner bros.. The two companies are not native South Korea four film distribution company, is not a small planning company, but they set production, distribution in one, respectively, and released the "investment" and "spy" cry two movies. Although these two works seem to be full of Korean movies, but further to see if there are differences, they are dependent on foreign capital to produce the Korean film. Talk about the twentieth Century Fuchs pictures, their fourth film production and distribution finally brought amazing achievement. Before the "runaway dad" (2012), "slow motion" (2014), "my intimate enemies" (2015) is also full of ambition though menacing, but from the box office hit some distance. But to their fourth movie "cry", finally made a big! "Cry" as the film director Luo Hongzhen, not only is a finalist in this year’s Cannes Film Festival, the film works are popular at home and abroad, from the media and the audience are well received; "crying" in South Korea total box office reached 6 million 800 thousand people, caused a viewing boom. In the United States on the rotten tomatoes website freshness reached 100%, but also proved that the Korean film can really have the power to run the world film market. The Warner Brothers is the highlight of this year starring Song Kanghao, Kong Liu movie "secret agent". Warner Bros. hired before the responsible for the "weekend bed", "boy, bad guy, the guy strange", "the defender" made by Cui Zaiyuan (sound), the film "secret agent" also gave him to make. The film is directed by Kim Jiwoon, a director with a high profile in the world, and has produced an excellent film with a high degree of completion. "Spy" released in Korea only 11 days, the box office has exceeded 5 million passengers, the rising speed is almost equal to the box office locked the "million film advance". "Spy" will also be in this month 23 days in North America more than and 40 City, the North American box office is also very exciting. "Cry", ""相关的主题文章:

Laibin City, a real estate ceiling fell into a block of cement slag scared decoration workers coinwatch

Laibin City is a real estate fall from the ceiling into blocks for cement slag was cut through the balcony ceiling decoration workers property company, exposed rebar less. Mr. Wu for map nanguojinbao reporter Huang Bicheng recently, Mr. Wu in the decoration, Laibin City South wealth Avenue area of new homes, found the balcony ceiling gently pull into pieces into a concrete slag block down, scared decoration workers. Please cut property came after a large floor, found it full of cement slag, steel is relatively small. Net exposure after this, some owners of the district began to worry about the quality of the house. Bridal decoration period to find the "problem" ceiling in 2013, Mr. Wu’s cousin spent 225 thousand yuan in the south, wealth Avenue District, a 128 square meters of housing purchase index guests 2 staff transfer. In mid August this year, the cousin did not see Mr. Wu live, let Wu spend their own money to decorate the new home to borrow. In late August, the housing decoration into the tail, only connected with large living room balcony is not guanizi. See the balcony ceiling is uneven, decoration master machine cut the ceiling, but not cut two, block into concrete slag blocks from the ceiling down. Decoration master hand gently pull down the cracks, even from the ceiling there plucked out of the honeycomb concrete block, scared and quickly dialed the phone decoration master wu. Wu rushed to the new house, immediately called residential property in the past. Wu told reporters that the day after the residential property staff to see the scene, he said that the comfort of local ceiling appears to be normal. He felt abnormal, want to let the property sent to his face to dig the floor to see, by the property staff temporarily unable to find a refusal by the people. When he left the house after the property while still within the new premises decoration master, invited the workers inside a large floor balcony ceiling. Wu heard rushed to the house, he saw the workers under the chisel is full of slag concrete honeycomb, the hardness is very poor; and drilling of the exposed reinforced floor is very sparse, in addition to steel, and no small bar, but do not see ordinary buildings with barbed wire laying floor. So, he took the scene with a cell phone, as evidence preservation. In the afternoon, and quickly installed in the template property re drilling of the floor position, pouring concrete. Later, Mr. Wu is increasingly concerned about the living room with balcony. The ceiling are the same problems, but by shaving is not good to see he putty. He suspected that the concrete strength of the building and the use of steel specifications did not meet the requirements of architectural design, and then negotiate with the developer for the cousin, asked to return a house, was rejected by the developer. Wu Yue, the developer asked him to pay the money to find a qualified accreditation bodies to identify the house. If there are quality problems, the other side is responsible for the end. But he believes that such a problem, developers should take the lead to solve. Some owners worry about the house of quality for joint rights because of fruitless negotiations with the developers, September 19th, Mr. Wu asked a friend to the scene photos taken before the release to the local network, causing many users attention. Some users see photos, that Mr. Wu decoration.相关的主题文章:

Is the color of semen healthy vane – Sohu maternal and child 残清1864

Semen color is "healthy wind vane"? – Sohu mother said: I found a person consulting my semen is yellow, I do not know is not normal, what color is normal? In fact, there are many people who have such doubts, there are many patients in the clinic to mention such a problem. First of all, we come to understand the composition of semen, semen by sperm and seminal plasma composition. Only a small amount of sperm, more than 90% of seminal plasma. Seminal plasma is secreted by the prostate, seminal vesicle, bulbourethral gland, urethral tract glands and other accessory gland, the main ingredient is water, fat, and protein granules, pigment granules, lecithin and enzyme, fructose and other ingredients. Second, the color of semen is determined by the composition of the composition of semen. Normal human semen is white or slightly yellow, if abstinence time longer, because of the change of physicochemical properties, the color will be yellow, this is normal. So when you see the color of semen is a bit yellow, to rule out abstinence time is too long, if there is still a problem to do further examination of the reasons for the timely treatment. The following is a brief introduction to the situation of abnormal semen, if the following color appears to be timely semen. 1 semen was milky white or slightly yellowish green if observed under the microscope will see a large number of pus, which indicates that there is inflammation in the genital tract, it is likely to be the pyogenic infection of the prostate and seminal vesicles. 2 the semen was red that semen contains red blood cells, usually called hemospermia. At this time, patients tend to be very worried that it was a very serious disease. In fact, this is only a number of inflammation caused by. The majority of blood caused by the seminal vesiculitis or prostatitis. This kind of inflammation caused by blood was pale red. If due to vascular malformation caused by rupture of small blood vessels, blood is bright red, and see a blood clot. The more serious such as seminal vesicle, prostate cancer will be pure, but generally, the characteristics of cancer presenting with persistent hemospermia, and there is increasing trend, and the inflammation caused by different ways. In addition, such as tuberculosis, schistosomiasis or systemic blood system diseases occasionally can cause blood, all should treat the corresponding diseases. According to clinical observation, genital tract bleeding, the semen was red or pink, under the microscope, a large number of red blood cells, some of the naked eye is reddish brown or soy sauce, because semen contains a large number of red blood cells. For these pathological finding should be timely for diagnosis and treatment of hemospermia. Abnormal color of semen is not terrible, once the cause of symptomatic treatment, the color can return to normal.相关的主题文章:

Wonderful wedding planning ideas to make your wedding wonderful 乃々果花

Wonderful wedding planning ideas to make your wedding a wonderful end to the bride and groom in the wedding, a scene the most want to see is "guests during the party continue to watch", because it means that their wedding let guests feel bored. The following small series to introduce to the guests not boring wedding planning ideas, with a look. Let the guests not boring wedding planning ideas 1: at the wedding rehearsal when the wedding will introduce the guests two families and their friends to bring together – this usually means that a large group of strangers awkwardly trying to communicate. The solution is to invite relatives and guests from outside to attend the rehearsal dinner as an ice breaker, and introduce each other with a common interest. (the uncle is top gun fans? Can clearly be he and your fiance fighter pilot cousin link). And at the rehearsal, your guests will be cut at the formal wedding eve in a more relaxed atmosphere, and (probably) keep the exchange until the party above. Let the guests not boring wedding planning ideas 2: follow the plan no one love things will be close to the military (especially when it comes to your elderly relatives and conflict), but you also don’t want to shoot you only in the formal wedding photos for the guests around the city. This is the origin of cocktail time. Set a lounge or shade yard to your guests for the exchange, and drinks in these areas are ready, a lot of snacks, you can sit down the chair, or even add some music to improve mood, and keeping the whole party atmosphere has been active. Let the guests not boring wedding planning ideas 3: don’t let the guests go hungry two words: before dinner. Even if you are in the banquet prepared a feast, but in your guests waiting for you and your partner in the hall of the time, which is still a good idea to prepare some snacks to fill their stomach, lest your guests have tired and fretful mood. Mini Chicken Pie, a wine, vegetable skewers, and even fried macaroni and cheese balls is a great choice (a port will be able to solve the dishes, so guests can eat when not to delay the chat). Your guests will recover in celebration of spirit — and will prepare the food for these more grateful. Let the guests not boring wedding planning ideas: 4 to develop a plan to exit if you really want to love you in the guests enjoy the wedding, after the wedding they will arrange the transportation home safely. Some people will arrange their dinner in a large restaurant in the hotel and will make a reservation for the guests, while some will ask for a shuttle bus overnight. This extra consideration will allow guests to relax freely without having to worry about how to get home safely after the wedding. Let the guests not boring wedding planning ideas 5: consider the venue location of course, you can determine your budget is a major factor in what place the wedding, but the choice of an interesting position to keep your wedding guests get happy helpful. Many science museums are willing to let you rent their exhibition area, the zoo also has.相关的主题文章: